1st & 2nd Conjugation Verbs

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1st & 2nd Conjugation Verbs…

Important terms to remember for this section of ‘Learning Latin’.

  • Verb – A word expressing an action, state or condition. Remember that every grammatically complete sentence has at least one verb.
  • Conjugation (Conjugate) – The parts of a verb are known as its conjugation, so to conjugate a verb means to set it out in all its persons’. A verb conjugates in the following way… 1st, 2nd & 3rd person singular & 1st, 2nd & 3rd person plural.
  • Indicative – If a verb is presented as being indicative, then this means that the action is being presented as fact, this is the case whether or not the action is actually true.
  • Active – If a verb is presented as being active, then it means that the subject of the sentence or clause is performing the action.
  • Tense – Tense refers to the time at which an action is actually taking place, e.g. if a verb is described as present, it means that the action is taking place in the here and now (present).

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Downloadable resources…

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1st Conjugation Verbs PDF

2nd Conjugation Verbs PDF

Consolidated Grammar – 1st:2nd conjugation verbs PDF

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