Myth at the Movies

At the moment TMA-02 is looming and needless to say I’m knee-deep in all kinds of evidence relating to Trajan’s Column!

I’m committed to keeping this blog updated as regularly as possible, but given the assignment deadline I’ve opted for some light-hearted content and something that doesn’t take too much brain power to digest!

So, with that in mind, here’s a visual run down of some of my favourite mythical beasts from the movies past and present…..Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Myth at the Movies

  1. How could I forget that! I even based my A330 EMA on Polyphemus.

    Although, I’m finding it hard to recall a movie with one in. There’s probably loads, but I can put my finger on one?


  2. Hi Tony!

    I’ve just seen this delightful TMA distraction, and I’m loving it. Wondering how many I could watch before the next one’s due. All in the name of research, obviously. Reception studies.



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