Myth at the Movies – Part 2


Following on from my ‘Myth at the Movies’ post, I’ve taken it a bit further and instead of focusing on the beats of myth, I thought we could take a look at the way some of our favorite men, women, gods & goddesses have been depicted on the silver screen.

I promise to provide some more thought provoking posts in due course, but whilst TMA-2 is on the horizon, I’m keeping them easy…!

Please bear with me and see if you can identify all these.



3 thoughts on “Myth at the Movies – Part 2

  1. Who’s the guy with the neat head gear below Brachilles? Not seen him before!

    I find it interesting how Hollywood has essentially instigated a pagan revival for kids with the Percy Jackson and DC comics stuff.

    There are so many cool stories from antiquity still waiting to be told on the big screen. I’d like to see the Croesus story done (even though it’s sure to get ruined!) Which story would you most like to see Hollywoodised?

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  2. Hi,

    Apparently it’s Poseidon (Immortals).

    I can’t really decide on a story that i’d like to see given the Hollywood treatment. That’s one I’ll have to have a think about. I agree that there’s so many potential choices still out there.

    I suppose lots have been reworked into modernised narratives, but pure unaltered stories? I’m going to ponder that.


  3. Ah yes, I’ve seen the film but hardly remember the gods who didn’t feature much at all. They all wear funny head gear, hard to decide which looks the most ridiculous! I think Poseidon’s is supposed to be shells attached to his ears… ancient headphones with relaxing ocean vibes, perhaps?


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