What to expect: Pre-weekend viewing.


First things first, I’ve given ClassicalFix a little spruce up over the last few days. Nothing major but I’ve looked at adding a few new features & I’m hoping to get the ‘Forum’ page up and running very soon. I do hope that you like the new look, but if you have any advice, opinions or comments for anything that would make the site better then please do let me know!

One of the new features is that I can now add video & audio content to the site and because of that I wanted to write this quick post to introduce a couple of videos that Dr Cora Beth Knowles has produced to introduce new students to Classical Studies. Cora Beth was my tutor for the first year of my MA in Classical Studies and I’m currently keeping everything crossed in the hope that she’s my tutor for next year too! You can find out more about Cora Beth by visiting her Classical Studies Support site at : https://classicalstudies.support/.

One thing that struck me recently is that Classical Studies has not always been a subject that prospective students have had the chance to study in depth at Secondary School. This is of course not the case everywhere in the country and the provision for Classics education is changing, but I for one never had the option to study Classics at school and despite my passion for the subject I only had a fleeting brush with it, so knowing what to expect at both undergraduate & postgraduate level is really useful. 

So, with no further a do, please watch and enjoy these two videos.

Starting out in Classics.

A very useful video it you are considering starting a Classical Studies degree, particularly as a distance learner with the Open University.


Moving from a BA to MA: What you need to know.

An overview of the in’s & out’s & differences between undergraduate & postgraduate study.



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