Whose culture is it, anyway?

Le Temps Revient

Francis Fukuyama (2018), writing recently about what comes after his much hyped “End of History” concluded: Identity politics. His End of History, it seems, was neither a final Hegelian synthesis nor any Johnian Αποκάλυψις, but merely the end of the big ideological squabbles that have plagued us down through the ages and the start of something more diverse and interesting, if not any less destructive. It heralds the beginning of more individualist conceptions of self, beyond the old fashioned ideologies of race, nation, political party, religion etc. These still form part of the ongoing cultural zeitgeist, but they are far more fragmented and nuanced. In a world where many have a better understanding of what is going on beyond the local village, city, country or continent, conceptions of identity have expanded to match the technology that gave us access to that wider range of culture.  

So how do we…

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