Beyond Sight: Applying Sensory Studies to The Classical World.

Some really interesting thoughts from Leigh on the application of Sensory Studies to the Classical World.

Le Temps Revient

What was it like to live in ancient times? Can ancient texts really help us feel what life was like? Does archaeology bring to life the fragments of buildings which it reconstructs? Are there other methodologies we can use to add further to our understanding of bygone eras? Sensory studies is an emerging academic discipline that hopes to show us how by involving our full range of perceptions we can have a more direct connection with the peoples of other times.

Our culture is very much a visually focused one. Nobody directly perceives the world in a naive sense “as it is” but does so through their senses and those perceptions will depend on various factors, one of which is how far we have developed our sense organs. Artists are trained to hone their visual perceptions and will be able to distinguish between many shades and tones of what may…

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