Phenomenology & Archaeology: What are Beings???*

Here’s some interesting thoughts on the phenomenological approach to archaeology by a fellow OU Classics Student, Leigh Cobley… Enjoy.

Le Temps Revient

If you could ask yourself just one question in this life, what would it be? In a series of lectures at the University of Freiburg, Heidegger defined the “leading question of philosophy” as something posed by Aristotle in his Metaphysics:

“This question of philosophy asks what beings are, just in respect of the fact that they are beings. From here the leading question asks more concisely: what are beings as such? To inquire into a being as such means to inquire into it hoc ens qua tale, as precisely this being. The linguistic expression ‘as such’ is specifically philosophical. It indicates that what is spoken of is intended in the specific respect of its essence. τί τὸ ὄν ᾗ ὄν. The question concerning beings as such does not just inquire into this or that. The question concerns not just some beings as such (animal, man) but all beings as such…

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