Weekend Reading: Shipwrecks, Scrolls and Skeletons

A run down of the week’s ‘hot’ stories in the media which relate to Classical Studies & the Ancient World – Posted on https://classicalstudies.support by Dr Cora Beth Knowles! Check it out now!

Classical Studies Support


This week there have been so many interesting news stories about ancient evidence that I’ve been having a terrible time focusing on my huge pile of marking! So here are the top three stories which have caught my eye this week. For anyone about to write an essay on the value of particular types of evidence, the importance of new techniques of analysis or the reporting of ancient-world news, there are some great case studies here!

  1. The Museum of the Bible Forgeries

This story – with forged scrolls, fraud and skulduggery – is a fascinating one. It’s caused a lot of controversy, both because of how the story has been spun by the Museum and because of how the press has reported it. Here’s a sample of the mainstream media coverage of the ‘fake’ Dead Sea Scrolls, the press release by the Museum, and a critical article identifying what some…

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