Encountering Ashurbanipal

A great review of the Ashurbanipal exhibition at the British Museum – Continues until 24th February 2019.

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British Museum: I am Ashurbanipal, king of the world, king of Assyria.

A review by Klara Hegedus.

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This exhibition highlights Ashurbanipal, who became King of Assyria, the largest empire in the world, in 669 BCE.

The themes of his reign are familiar. A fatal feud with a brother, espionage, war, fine artefacts and eventual collapse. It is also familiar as it left primary sources, details of scholarship, information flow and details of trade.

A Curator’s Commentary, lasting approximately 45 minutes, which discusses the content of the exhibition is available on iTunes for £2.99. There is also a detailed and comprehensive exhibition book [Editor’s Note: there are also Ashurbanipal socks, which I want for Christmas!]. This piece concentrates on the exhibition itself.


Museums need to make their content accessible and interesting to the modern visitor. They need to attract visitors and get them to return.

This exhibition is…

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