Visiting the Mithraeum

An interesting review of the London Mithraeum – Well worth a read!

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A review of the London Mithraeum, by MA student Klara Hegedus.

The London Mithraeum is a small museum built on the site of the excavation of a Temple of Mithras, at the heart of the City of London. It is a permanent exhibition, part of the Bloomberg European headquarters. The museum is free, but tickets are required as it is a small space.

The Temple attracted huge crowds when discovered by accident in 1952-4. There was great debate about whether the site should be retained or built over, but eventually a compromise with the would-be builders was reached and the remains were moved to a different place on the site. When Bloomberg bought the site in 2010, they moved the remains once more, back to their original site.

IMG_2227 The wall of artefacts

The first, ground floor level area is an exhibition space. There is a wall of some of the…

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