About ClassicalFix


My name is Tony and ClassicalFix is my Blog & Website. I’m currently a postgraduate student studying Classical Studies with The Open University and upon completion of my MA, I hope to go on to study for a PhD. 


If you’re visiting for the first time then welcome! If you aren’t then you’ll probably notice that ClassicalFix has undergone some significant changes of late and a lot of the content has been temporarily removed. I decided to revamp ClassicalFix in light of recent discussions on social media about the culture of blogging and whether the age of the personal blog in particular is coming to an end. Nowadays there are so many different platforms available to enable individuals to reach out to like-minded people and whether you enjoy listening to Podcasts or watching a Vlog there’s something for everyone! That being said, I’ve come to the conclusion that the personal blog has a great deal of life left in it and although I’ll be experimenting with alternative methods of communication, I’m dedicated to keeping ClassicalFix alive and as accessible as possible to all who visit.

ClassicalFix is first and foremost a Classical Studies Blog and a place where I can share ideas and hopefully encourage interaction and feedback. I want to use ClassicalFix to write about and discuss the varying aspects of Classical Studies but I also want it to be a user friendly resource site for those of us who are committed to the daunting task of learning an ancient language. If you visited ClassicalFix in the past you no doubt noticed all the Latin resources I posted? Well, over the coming months I’ll be getting this element of the site back up and running and adding more and more so please keep an eye out for updates on the ‘Learning Latin’ tab.

I want ClassicalFix to be a friendly, welcoming and relevant resource for all who visit and if anyone has any suggestions or would like to contribute a piece to go in the blog, please get in touch by filling out the contact form on the ‘Contact ClassicalFix’ tab or by messaging me on Twitter @classicalfix.

Best Wishes,