Learning Classical Latin

On the ‘Learning Classical Latin’ menu tab you will find some useful resources that I’m putting together to assist beginners in learning Latin.

Screen-Shot-2018-04-05-at-4.19.19-PM-300x212You will find that they are laid out in sections following the text book I am currently using, which is – Reading Latin (Second Edition) Peter Jones & Keith Sidwell. My notes and resources are adapted from exercises in this text book. Although, from time to time I will add additional material that’s not part of this particular course.

Please be aware that I have created the resources in my own learning style so they may not suit everyone, but you are of course welcome to use them however you wish.

I will update these pages on a regular basis as it will also function as a tracker of my progress.

TopTip400x400-300x300Learning any language takes time, don’t expect too much too soon. The best advice is to take the ‘little but often’ approach. It’s far better to fit in 20-30 mins of Latin each day rather than spending hours in one go!


In the mean time, if you have any second thoughts or you have been faced with the question – Why bother with Latin? or What’s the point in learning Latin? Then watch this video!

Many Thanks