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Welcome to the Latin Resources Page & Library

On this page you will find a wide selection of links and attachments which will take you to resources aimed at increasing your Latin vocabulary. The other parts of Learning Classical Latin on ClassicalFix have focused heavily on grammar and whilst that is really important it’s also vital that you start to build up vocabulary alongside the grammar so you can start to apply this when reading.

To ensure that we start to build up a broad and varied Latin vocabulary I’ve decided to make use of Reading Latin (Second Edition) Peter Jones & Keith Sidwell & The Cambridge Latin Course – Where resources from the Cambridge Latin Course are used I’ll make sure you know which book of the course they come from plus, I’ll include a web link.



Take a few words of Latin each day and work on getting to know them by heart. Don’t be too ambitious, select just a few and work on them until you can reel them off without hesitation!


(Click the blue links for the relevant resources)

Vocabulary Builder 1

Vocabulary Builder 2

Vocabulary Builder 3

Vocabulary Builder 1, 2, & 3 are based on the exercises in Reading Latin (Second Edition) Peter Jones & Keith Sidwell.