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Welcome to the ‘Learning Latin’ pages of ClassicalFix. This part of my website is dedicated entirely to the language of Ancient Rome and I’ve designed it for anyone who wants to get to grips with some basic Latin.

I intend to post regular resources on this site so please check back often. I’m currently a Latin student myself, so as I progress you’ll see how the material becomes more and more detailed. If at anytime anyone wants to get in touch with me about anything that I’ve posted, please feel free to do so by going to the ‘Contact Classical Fix’ tab on the homepage or by tweeting me @classicalfix.

Important Message – ClassicalFix ‘Learning Latin’ Pages

UnknownBefore I get started, I just want to make it clear that the materials that follow on the ‘Learning Latin’ pages of ClassicalFix are not designed to be a ‘self-contained’ beginners Latin course. The material I will be posting will be resources that may help a beginners Latin student consolidate existing knowledge. The ‘Learning Latin’ pages are not intended to replace a physical Latin teacher or any other Latin course that you may be following. I just hope that the resources that I post will go some way in helping Latin students progress in their studies.

Self-Introduction-Essay-1200x675This first instalment is mainly an introductory post and because of that it doesn’t cover any Latin at all! Why bother then I hear you ask! Well, being a Latin student myself I’m often asked by people why I even bother learning Latin, why not learn a modern language like German or French? Ok, so everyone has reasons for doing what they do, but for me learning Latin isn’t just about understanding another language. For me, Latin is a gateway to a vast repository of ancient knowledge and outstanding literature and in my opinion the ability to gain access to that ancient ‘thought’ in the original is well worth the effort alone. However, if you need any convincing as to why it’s a great idea to learn Latin then here’s ten reasons why…!

Becoming Multilingual: Studying Latin is great preparation for learning and becoming fluent in one or more of the Romance languages.

English Vocabulary and Grammar: Studying Latin helps us to master English.  The regular grammar of Latin is also ideal for shedding light on the way all languages, including English, work.

The Professions: Latin can potentially prepare individuals for certain professions that are steeped in Latin or English words derived from Latin. These include law, medicine, science, music, theology, philosophy, art, and literature.

Writing and Reading: An increased vocabulary and understanding of grammar enables us to write and read with greater clarity and confidence.

English Literature: Latin enables us to have improved access to English literature prior to 1950, which is packed full of references and citations in Latin.

History: Latin enables us to more better understand and appreciate the Roman Empire, which has had profound and continuing effects on Western civilisation. Furthermore, the history of art and architecture is filled with Latin, and monuments and art all over the world are frequently adorned with Latin text.

Great Literature: Latin enables us to enjoy some of the most influential literature in the world—in the original language. Learning Latin well enough to read original Latin works is an attainable skill if you work at it and doing so will impart great satisfaction and enjoyment.

Educational: The study of Latin is an ongoing practice in linguistic puzzle-solving that helps us to become close and careful readers and writers. Some believe it also generally hones the mental faculties.

Pleasure: Deciphering the “secret code” of Latin, seeing the words behind words, learning to puzzle-solve, and reading great authors in their own tongue are all pleasures that will never get old!

Simultaneous Learning: Studying Latin is a way of doing advanced study in several subject areas simultaneously.

Source: https://classicalacademicpress.com/10-reasons-to-study-latin/

(Accessed on 28/07/19)

I’ve made some slight adaptations to the list above based on the original, but in the most part I agree with them. I reckon if I put my mind to it though, I could certainly think of a fair few more.

Take a look at this video if you’re still un-decided!

Convinced yet?

Come back soon and you’ll find some further resources for ‘Learning Latin’.

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